Success / Return On Investment


The success of your lead generation campaign depends largely on your sales process and how well your staff can close deals.

It doesn’t matter how targeted and high quality your leads if you don’t have good sales processes in place. Many potential customers are not ready to order or make an appointment immediately. Even extremely motivated customers usually have questions, and need to be assured that you have the right products and services to meet their needs. This may take several contacts with the customer.

Sales is a process that needs to be worked by a competent sales person. If you pass the leads to a secretary who can’t be bothered to answer questions intelligently and politely then you will probably lower your sales conversion. If a lot of the lead calls get dropped into voicemail your sales ratio will probably suffer as well.

If you just want to take orders and are fortunate enough to have new customers streaming in all day long automatically ready to “sign on the line”, then you probably don’t need our services anyway. On the other hand, if you’re like 99.9% of businesses then you need to convince new potential customers to buy from you.

You need a well thought out sales process, and good sales people to work the leads and turn them into “sales”.

ROI (Return On Investment)

Return on investment is almost always extraordinarily good. Below we show typical calculations for several of the different industries that we service.