Performance Pricing

We offer several professional lead generation packages so that you can start small and grow as your need for more leads increases.

Maximum Return on Investment

All of our packages are designed to maximize your return on investment for your online marketing. Our expert AdWords consultants are among the best in the world. Since we are able to generate better performing ad copy and corresponding website landing pages, this results in lower per click costs and higher conversion rates, which ultimately provides you with better quality leads at a lower overall cost per customer.

Month-to-Month Engagements

All of our performance packages are on a month-to-month basis. There is no long term commitment required. You can stop using our services any time you like, even if you just want to pause your marketing for a couple of months in the summer for example, and then turn your “lead generation machine” on again in the fall when everyone is working more regularly.

We believe that we should earn your business each and every month. As long as we are generating good leads and you are seeing a positive return on your marketing investment, then we believe most clients will continue to work with us.

However, remember that consistency is the key to all marketing, and this applies to your online marketing efforts as well. A consistent, concerted effort will produce exponentially better results than a one or two month “trial”.

Also, the longer we work with you the better we are able to optimize your campaigns as we understand your business and its goals better each month and receive feedback regarding the types of customers that you are acquiring. Even though we will certainly generate leads for you during the first month, most campaigns start to really produce big dividends during the second and third months when we’re able to really optimize them.

Performance Pricing

$1,500 Package:

$1,500/mo. – INCLUDES up to 10 Leads per month + INCLUDES (FREE) $500 Google AdWords advertising spend

$2,000 Package:

$2,000/mo. – INCLUDES up to 15 Leads per month + INCLUDES (FREE) $650 Google AdWords advertising spend

$2,500 Package:

$2,500/mo. – INCLUDES up to 20 Leads per month + INCLUDES (FREE) $750 Google AdWords advertising spend

$3,500 Package:

$3,500/mo. – INCLUDES up to 30 Leads per month + INCLUDES (FREE) $1,000 Google AdWords advertising spend


  • All of our performance packages have a one time setup fee of $500 to help cover some of the large amount of work that goes into detailed consultations, keyword research, and custom website setup during the first month. This is a one-time charge and only applies to the first month.
  • All out-of-pocket advertising expenses paid to Google AdWords are included “FREE” in our packages. You do not have to pay any extra fees to Google. Please note that in some highly competitive markets (usually larger cities and very high demand business markets) the Adwords advertising costs can be substantially higher than normal. In these cases you may choose to pay us an additional amount each month so that we are able to spend additional funds in very competitive markets. This is completely optional.
  • All of our packages are priced in US dollars (“international currency of the internet”), and if you are located in Canada taxes may apply, depending on your location.


We are committed to working with only 1 client per town or city for each business market type. Your leads will be exclusive to you. In certain markets if you choose not to purchase additional leads we may add other clients in your area. But, you will always have first option to purchase the additional leads.

In some locations we are able to negotiate exclusivity for certain clients who are purchasing a significant volume of leads. After working with us some clients realize how much of a competitive advantage they have over their competitors. They want to “lock them out” of the online market and keep the lead generation “machine” to themselves. We charge a premium for this type of relationship, but it is definitely available for 1 client in each region.

Interested in our Lead Generation services? – Call (800)-298-1655 and ask for one of our principals. Or, simply click here and complete the inquiry form. One of our consultants will contact you to discuss our services in more detail.