Online Advantage

Online marketing channels generate much more targeted customers than traditional media. Better still, the results are directly measurable and trackable. When was the last time you could measure the exact response rate of generic “branding” campaigns from your typical advertising agency, newspaper, radio, TV, or yellow pages ad.

Surprisingly, many people still ask “… who is searching online for my type of service or product?” We have the definitive answer – EVERYONE. There is virtually no where (well, maybe a remote corner of the Samoan Islands) that the vast majority of people aren’t searching online for information about EVERYTHING. And in many cases the people searching online are the best demographic for actual purchases.

When was the last time you personally used the yellow pages or the local newspaper to actively search for a specific product or service that you were interested in purchasing? Sure, some people may still read the local newspaper offline and stumble across the odd advertisement that interests you, but when you’re in “wallet out” mode and are actively looking to make a decision and purchase a particular product or service almost everyone searches on the internet.

If you provide the right information, and make the decision process easy enough they will buy from you online as well. Don’t kid yourself – everything from professional services to tires are being purchased online every single day by millions of people from all corners of the globe. It doesn’t matter what you do or what service you offer, there are active buyers searching online right now – and if you aren’t marketing there, then you’re competitors are capturing this lucrative corner of the market.

To add icing to the cake, every single marketing activity online can be tracked, measured, and improved upon – assuming your marketing partner knows how to do these things properly. Bridger Bay has highly skilled consultants with extensive experience with online analytics and conversion optimization. We won’t run any marketing or lead generation campaign without full tracking and optimization. Never before in the history of sales and marketing did you have the opportunity to see exactly what works and what doesn’t work – in terms of hard dollars in your pocket, not just some ballpark rule of thumb or gut feeling.

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