Lead Generation

Real connections with real customers. Our leads result in high close rates. Why? Because we know how to run targeted online marketing campaigns. We are experts with advanced Google AdWords, and have extensive experience writing highly targeted ad copy that pushes the tire kickers away and draws the buyers to you.

That means we introduce your future customers to you even before you speak with them.

Plus, when prospects call, our consultants answer with knowledge of your business, and we qualify and transfer them right to you. That means we connect you with your future customers just as they first express interest, significantly improving your close rates.

We only accept 1 client in each town or city for each type of business. This means that your leads are 100% yours. If we’re able to generate more leads than you require each month, then we may sell the excess leads to other clients in your region. But your leads remain exclusively yours.

We’ve built our professional service around your goals – high appointment rates, and high close rates. All at a marketing cost below most traditional advertising channels.

Areas of Expertise:

We know we can’t be all things to all people, so we’ve focused on a few market sectors where we have experience and great success. These include:


Professional services are a natural for online marketing. The sectors we focus on include realtors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, dentists, and financial advisors.


Contractors that work with discrete value projects including roofing, siding, landscaping, and snow removal.


There are a couple of retail sectors, including automobile dealerships and consumer goods, where we know our marketing methods always bring great results for clients.

Interested in our Lead Generation services? – Call (800)-298-1655 and ask for one of our principals. Or, simply click here and complete the inquiry form. One of our consultants will contact you to discuss our services in more detail.